Disney Infinity Power Discs

Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 1

Disney Infinity Power Discs Series 1

Disney Infinity features Power Discs that can be used to add new content to the game and enhance your charters abilities.

Circle Discs

Power Discs come in two varieties, the first is the circle disc. Up to two circle Power Discs can be placed under your figure while your playing in a Play Set in order to enhance your Characters ability’s. Some combinations are synergistic and add a third abilities.

Hexagonal Discs

Hexagonal Power Discs are placed where the Play Set piece would normal go, and can only be used in the Toy box. Up to three at a time can be used and they add content such as weapons and vehicles. They can also change the sky and terrain.

Rare Discs

Some Power Discs are rarer than others and have an orange border and lenticular holograms much like some trading cards do. There are 3 rare discs in series 1.

Purchasing Power Discs

Power Discs are sold in blind packs. Each one cost about $5 and contains 2 random Power Discs. You don’t know which ones you will get so your best strategy is to find someone to trade with, so that you both can get a complete set.

Series 1

Series 1 is the launch series. These Power Discs will be available alongside the Disney Infinity game on its Aug 18, 2013 launch. There are 20 Power Discs in all. 16 hexagonal power discs for Toy Box play, and 4 circle power discs for use in the Play Sets. Below is a list of them all.

Series 1 Rare Discs

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