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Disney Infinity vs. Activisions Skylanders

Disney Infinity Starter Set

Disney Infinity Starter Set

Everyone makes the connection between the hugely popular Skylanders series from Activision, and Disney’s newest game Disney Infinity, and I can see why. The core feature of both games is about purchasing small toy figures, that are then placed on a base that connects to your game console, and then appear in the game as a playable character. While I’m sure that Disney did take note of Activision’s success with Skylanders because of this novel feature, they did take the idea in a unique direction in at least two ways.

The most significant is Toy Box mode. Toy Box mode is all about unrestricted creative. You can mix and match characters from many different Disney franchises. Woody can play in a Cars themed world for example. You can build a world in anyway you see fit, with any items you have. You get items after completing missions in the main game mode, which takes place in your characters world.  You also can add items to the Toy Box by placing Power Discs, small flat disc, with a picture of a Disney themed item on them, onto the Infinity Base where they will be instantly transferred into your Toy Box world.

Other than Toy Box mode another way that Disney Infinity is different is the HUGE library of characters and stories that Disney has at its disposal. I can’t think of any other publisher that has such an extensive catalog of franchises, which by the way now includes Star Wars and Marvel Comics! Disney has remaining tight lipped on there plans on how, if at all, these two franchises will make an appearance in the game, but I’m sure they will sometime after the initial launch.